The Healthcare Technology Foundation was founded on the principle that achieving improvement in the safe use of healthcare technology requires diverse stakeholders to come together in order to utilize their collective knowledge on the design, use, integration and servicing of healthcare technology, systems and devices.

The mission of HTF is to:

"Improve healthcare delivery outcomes by promoting the development, application and support of safe and effective healthcare technologies."

The Foundation supports:

  • The promotion of excellence in clinical engineering leadership through research, education and certification
  • Funding of related research and programs,
  • Effective collaborations between medical device producers, regulators, users and clinical engineers,
  • The creation of safety-related education material that is useful to members of the public

A Joint AAMI/HTF Training Program – Managing Risks of Integrated Systems and Networks in Healthcare Environments
AAMI and HTF are proud to announce the joint training program developed to help Clinical Engineers and IT professional obtain the tools necessary for risk management methodologies and mitigation. Registration is open on the AAMI website. There are two locations: 1) March 27th at Scripps Health System in California, and 2) June 2nd in conjunction with the 2014 AAMI Expo in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This will be a practical one-day workshop that will provide an environment to learn real-life solutions. Please see this link to learn more and to register.
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Executive Leadership includes Tobey Clark, President, Jennifer L. Jackson, Vice President, Jennifer Ott, Secretary, Henry Montenegro, Treasurer, William Hyman ScD, Immediate Past President, and Yadin David, EdD, President Emeritus.
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